Nature Kids

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Letting Children be Children

Children are curious beings, always wanting to touch, taste, smell and feel things that are around them. By letting them be children, they are exposed to multiple sensory experiences that send signals to their brain, firing millions of neurotransmitters to build these connections and keep “the wires” alive and strong. 

By removing the academic pressure and expectation, and allowing children to enjoy simple things such as movement, music, sensory play, engaging with nature and free play, we are providing children with brain stimulating activities that is critical to keep these “brain wires” alive and lay the foundation for future intellectual capacity, memory, problem solving, language and even motor capacity.  

Parents are faced with the dilemma of today’s competitive world, balancing between children’s need for simple brain stimulating activities and the need for quantitative achievements for their academic advantage. As caregivers and educators to our students, our priority is to give what is best for the children to develop the strong foundation that will help them to excel in their lifelong learning. 

It is important for us to achieve the understanding with parents on the priority for the strong foundation over the quantifiable academic achievements. Metaphorically, a plant has a better chance of growing and bearing fruits if the root has been tendered properly and allowed to grow.

Following are our school’s priorities in developing students’ foundation for lifelong learning:

1. Provide nurturing environment for positive early childhood experiences. 

2. Let children be children and maximizes brain stimulating experience.

3. Be creative, intuitive and flexible in promoting “Natural learning”

Natural learning is also known as informal learning or self-directed learning or delight-led learning. It is about letting children learn organically and naturally through fun play and games, ensuring the whole participation of their mind and body. It is important for us to be able to balance between natural learning and instructional learning to provide children with meaningful experience.

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