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The fundamentals behind our Teaching Philosophy

Early childhood is a critical time.The facts discovered by neurologists, provided concrete evidences of the decisive impact that early childhood experiences have on the architecture of the human brain. There is no longer a question of "if" it is helpful to provide a stimulating environment for children. Research tells us that it is not only helpful if you do, but that a child is robbed of optimal brain development, if you do not. These early, formative years serve as the foundation for all of life’s later endeavors

The development of the brain cells is human physiology, but development of many of the synapses is influenced by experiences. The brain cells form the framework, but the connections made in childhood determine what happens to that framework. Watch the video "experiences build brain architecture" for better understanding.
Children need our help to stimulate their brain enough to keep those “wires” alive and strong else these “wires” will just “prune away”, much like pruning of dead or weak branches of a tree. The process of shedding excess synapses or “pruning” is perfectly natural; it is something like pruning plants in a crowded garden: the ones that remain can grow larger and stronger and seldom-used pathways are eliminated. 

At Naturekids, it is our priority to ensure that our students are given the opportunity for optimal brain development that will enhance their learning capability later in life.