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Starfish Program Activities

At Naturekids, we have designed 12 different activities that children can enjoy their learning experience from.  These activities are as listed below and described in the above slides:

These 12 different activities are designed not to stress the children but to give them the many different experiences of practicing their skills in play-based setting and allowing them to discover the best way that they can enjoy learning. 

Our Starfish program focus on providing children with the building blocks to lay the foundation for their fine motor, Literacy and Numeracy Skills while continuing to develop their social & emotional skills. These building blocks involve adequate exposure and practice in the Early Literacy and Numeracy skills. Early literacy emphasizes the more natural unfolding of skills through the enjoyment of books, the importance of positive interactions between young children and adults, and the critical role of literacy-rich experiences which begins from Angelfish Program.  

Let Children Play

Starfish Program Class Schedule