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Self-Regulation: helping your child to cope

Nurturing & Positive Relationships

At Naturekids, we place the provisions of nurturing and responsive relationships with children as foundation for all of other practices and the universal conditions that are necessary for social competence promotion and behavior guidance. The focus on relationships puts primary importance on the care giver or teacher engaging in responsive and positive interactions with children and the development of partnerships with families, moreover it includes the critical importance of collaboration and teaming that is essential to the provision of high quality early childhood programs.

Supportive Environment


Social & Emotional Teaching Strategies

Individualized Intervention 

Even when teachers establish positive relationships, implement classroom preventive practices, and use explicit teaching strategies, a few children are likely to continue to display challenging behavior. 

Intensive individualized interventions are planned and implemented by a team for application in home and school environments. The team includes classroom staff, the child’s family, and other professionals who may be supporting the teacher, child, or family. Once established, the team completes a functional assessment (a process of observing the child in key situations) to identify the factors related to the child’s challenging behavior. The functional assessment leads to the development of a behavior support plan that includes prevention strategies, techniques for teaching new skills, and changes in responses to the challenging behavior. The team implements the plan at home and in the classroom and monitors changes in the problem behavior and the development of social skills and other child outcomes.

The Individualized Intervention offers a method for identifying the environmental events, circumstances, and interactions that trigger problem behavior, the purpose of problem behavior, and the development of support strategies for preventing problem behavior and teaching new skills.