Nature Kids

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Healthy Food Healthy Mind

We take our role as the children's caregivers very seriously and constantly review our school food ingredients to take active steps in ensuring we only serve food made from fresh ingredients and fully prepared by our kitchen staff. We do not serve store-bought fish balls, chicken nuggets, sausages or hot dogs and the vegetable stock is made fresh at our school kitchen. All of the cookies, muffin and bread are baked fresh and we do not use margarine or any trans-fat product for our baking and cooking.

Whenever possible we will substitute refined white sugar with honey or maple syrup or brown sugar. We do not serve beef and only serve organic chicken for  children's lunch. 

We are now serving daily vegetarian dishes for breakfast with children’s favorites from our past menu.  We also prepare gluten-free pancake mix, cereals and flatbreads for children in-need of gluten-free diets. Breakfast is an important meal of the day that will help children stay focused and energized in their activities, we hope to relieve parents from their worries with our great care on children’s food preparation and our mindfulness of children’s allergies and health issues. 

We have carefully planned, prepared, tested children’s new and improved lunch menu to provide children with the following :
  • Increased nutrient and mineral value from vegetable sources
  • Encouragement to eat vegetables by serving daily vegetable side dish in various cooking style
  • Flavour diversity with dishes of different flavour profiles and originating countries
  • High protein animal meat substitute for healthier and balanced diet

As part of our effort to increase children’s awareness and participation in sustainable living, we have introduced locally produced vegetables in the children’s menu with the objective of having to plant those vegetables at our own edible garden.

We make it our mission to ensure that we serve healthy and delicious meals to our school children and rotate our weekly menus; menu A and menu B (as in the image above).