Nature Kids

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Our Nature Program

Naturekids is a nature inspired kindergarten where children will have the opportunities to bond with Mother Earth, understands the inter-dependency of our lives with nature and  take actions to care for Mother Earth through our various lessons and activities.

The program is about connecting the children and the Earth that they will inherit from us. The sad reality is that our children will be inheriting an environmental mess with the increasing pollution, massive deforestation, growing waste and declining of natural resources and food sources.

Even more sadly, by the time they grow up, most of them will become a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution in our voraciously consumptive culture if they are to continue our present way of living.

This program is about instilling a “green” culture into their everyday lives and to be aware of what they can do to have a chance for a better earth as their home.

We believe with the support from parents, we can connect that wonderful feeling that children have for nature while they are young with a sensitivity to the impact they can have on the Earth and a sense of environmental stewardship for how they can help to protect it. 

Apart from our creative teachers aligning lessons and activities to the nature theme of the term, children will join the “Green Journey” through our Nature ABC program below:

Our Green Journey

Our creative teachers are constantly thinking outside of the box to make our “Green journey” fun and exciting for the children as well as effective in delivering and reinforcing the sentiment and message to the children.

Nature Awareness : Children assembling the life-size dolphin puzzle 

Bonding with nature : The Great Mormon (Papilio Memnon) Butterfly Pet Project 

Bonding with nature : Children working on their fairy garden

Practicing 3Rs

No one loves Mother Earth more than children. They care in the purest and sweetest way for birds, flowers, plants, and animals. Teaching and reinforcing 3Rs to the children has been an easy and fun experience. 

Caring for Nature : Fun recycle game

Caring for Nature : no-plastic-bag fun race