Nature Kids

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School Mission & Goals

Parents are faced with the dilemma of today’s competitive world, balancing between children’s need for simple brain stimulating activities and the need for quantitative achievements for their academic advantage. 

It is important for us to achieve the understanding with parents on the priority for the strong foundation over the quantifiable academic achievements. Metaphorically, a tree has a better chance of growing and bearing fruits if the root has been tendered properly and allowed to grow

As a school for childhood, we recognize that this time is a short but significant period in life when trust, curiosity, and emotion are spontaneous and expressed with exuberance and confidence.

As caregivers and educators to our students, our priority is to give what is best for the children to develop the strong foundation that will help them to excel in their lifelong learning. We believe in providing equal emphaisis if not more on the child’s social, emotional, physical and artistic development as on his/her intellectual development. 

School Mission

To provide parents with a trusted platform for their children to build strong foundation for compassion, honesty, respect, creativity, tolerance, self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

School Goals

  • To provide children with a loving, safe and nurturing environment for them to freely explore, discover and enjoy their learning experiences. 
  • To teach, guide and provide opportunities for children to discover about themselves, develop their social and emotional competency and learn to become the best version of themselves. 
  • To excite and inspire children to love the learning experience and find joy in their discoveries.
  • To develop children’s connection to nature and love for mother earth.