Nature Kids

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Brain Stimulating Activities - Friday Group Activity

At Naturekids, we provide children the opportunity to explore and learn within their own group based on their skill level. However, we believe it is important in bringing students together and allowing them to work and learn as a group. 

Our Friday Group Activity  allows the teacher to connect with all of the children at once and creates opportunities for children to practice tolerance, patience, cooperation, team work and leadership. We call it the social experiment day, where children get one hour of fun activities and games as they practice their social and emotional development skills and applying what they have learnt in their Literacy, Numeracy and Nature classes that are creatively incorporated into the group activity. 

Children having one hour fun Friday Group Activity 

We designed various floor game mats with rewards to collect or winning a turn to another adventure. Children get to practice counting and recognizing different money denominations as they make their purchases at our Hutch Supermarket with the play money that they have earned.  We designed themed games such as scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, telematch and race or children get to make something special for their loved ones, such as making cupcakes for their mom for mother’s day or cookies for father’s day .

Fun musical game while applying their literacy and numeracy skills

We constantly raise the bar when comes to giving children the thrills and excitement in their activities and our Friday Group Activity is never without that from fun role play to making beautiful gifts for their loved ones.

Fun role play selling delicious home made all fruit based ice-cream

It is truly a boost of confidence and sense of pride for the children when they are able to produce beautiful gifts for their loved ones such as making polymer clay beads for their moms’ bracelet or baking cupcakes or making mother’s day card.

Making beautiful bracelets for moms as Mother’s Day gift

Making special treats for their loved ones.

Friday group activity is also for the celebration of various festivals and special days where children will learn the significance of the celebration and do activities from the heart. 

Embellishing note books for their beloved teachers for Teacher’s day

Conquering their fears during Halloween celebration playing boooling in the dark and crawling in the dark tunnel

We believe that teaching children to understand and respect diversity in culture and physical appearance fosters positive socialization behaviors among children. The experiences provide them with opportunities to practice tolerance, empathy and acceptance that can only be effectively comprehended through actions.