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Literacy & Numeracy Skill Development

Fine Motor Skill

Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscle of the hands, such as when doing up buttons, opening lunch boxes or using pencils or scissors. Fine motor skill efficiency significantly influences the quality of the task outcome as well as the speed of task performance.

In order to be ready to write, children need to have developed hand skills. This means they need to have the strength and dexterity to handle, and control, small objects with their hands. But, they will also need to develop the muscles in their forearm and upper body to provide the strength and stability that will allow them to use their hands to manipulate and control writing instruments.

Angelfish Fine Motor Activities : Playdough fun, Sticker fun, Pinning fun and Pick-up game

At Naturekids, we have designed 12 different modules for Fine Motor Skill development with activties of different skill and capability levels. Based on the child’s development progress, we will prepare 4 to 5 activity trays containing different fine motor materials for children to work on. Children’s work in each of the tray will be observed and documented to record his/her progress. 

Starfish Fine Motor Activities : Cutting fun, Punch hole fun, Beading and Pick-up game

Starfish Fine Motor Activities : Various Clipping Fun Activitie