Nature Kids

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Math Monkey Program

One hour of fun session based on MathBrain program curriculum to :

1- improves visualization ability

2- Enhances memory

3- Improves logic reasoning

4- Trains up speed

Sessions conducted by the MathBrain coaches from the Math Monkey center.

Day/Time :

Every Tues - 3pm to 4pm

Ages : 4 to 2 years old

Toddler Sensory Playgroup 

Let them get messy. It's in the mess, that the real learning happens.

The sensory play is designed with children's natural curiosity in mind, encouraging positive approach to new experiences and help children to develop their sensory awareness.

Day/Time :

Every Wed 3pm to 4pm

Ages : 1 to 3 years old

Toddlers are to be accompanied by an adult to be involved in the play experience.

Book your slot before every monday for the coming wednesday! 

Headsprout English Reading and Comprehension Program

Headsprout is an award winning online reading program, designed to tailor its instruction to the needs and learning pace of every student. There are 80 reading episodes  with fun interactive games and 40 comprehension episodes.

The session includes one hour of teacher assisted online reading with access to school's computer facility.

Day/Time : 

Every Wed, 3 to 4pm

Ages - 5 to 12 years old

Taekwon-Do with trained professional
Enjoy outdoor Taekwan-Do classes with our fun and passionate coach with 8 years of experience as Taekwan-Do instructor and currently the head instructor of Tien Lung of Taekwon-Do south.

Day/time :
Every Friday 3pm to 4pm
Ages : 4 years and above

Al-Quran Reading & Fardhu 'Ain

Children  start with  Iqra' and will move on to Al-Quran when they have completed all 6 Iqra's. 

Learn the basic tawhid and practice basic muslim's routine that includes solat, and du'a.



Al-quran reading : Friday - 1:30 to 2:30 pm

Fardhu 'Ain : Thurs - 2:30 pm to 3:30pm

Ages : 3 years and above