Nature Kids

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Our Curriculum 

In support of our Teaching Philosophy and letting children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to discover and learn organically, we have designed our curriculum model to carefully balance between the traditional Instructional learning and Natural learning, structured setting and unstructured setting.

Natural learning is also known as informal learning or self-directed learning or delight-led learning. It is about letting children learn organically and naturally without being imposed by adults. 

Naturekids Curriculum Model

The curriculum model comprise of three (3) key building blocks :

  • Social and emotional development for their behavior management and social skills.
  • Sensory and brain stimulating activities to promote optimal brain development. 
  • Literacy and Numeracy skill development to prepare them for their next phase of learning.

The building blocks are designed with lessons, games, activities that are carefully aligned to the Nature theme of the term and reviewed of the effectiveness (as listed below)  based on the teaching principles of engaging the whole child; Mind, heart and hand.

Mind: Is the lesson developmentally appropriate for the child ? Will it be too challenging? Can we include opportunities for imagination or thinking outside of the box?

Heart: What is the strategy to connect the child with the subject of the lesson? How can we make this lesson meaningful to the child?

Hand: How can we get the child to experience it? Can we include children’s active participation in the lesson execution? Are there opportunities for multi-sensory stimulation?