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The Wonders of Earth : Savanna Grassland Biome

Posted by mariani.mohd on June 26, 2015 at 9:30 PM

It is important that our daily activity creates opportunity for children to learn as an outcome from their curiosity or interest to know more. We have to tread carefully to develop children’s skills while protecting their enthusiasm to learn. The school daily activities, games and special projects are carefully designed to invoke their curiosity and interest to apply and practice their skills.

This week, we introduced Savanna, one of Grassland Biome to the children. Our objective is mainly to give them the awareness of the diversity that exists on earth and the many different homes that we share our earth with. The five major biomes that we will be covering include tundra, forest, grassland, desert and aquatic.

They learned why elephants in Savanna grassland have bigger ears than the Forest elephants or why giraffe is mostly found in Savanna grassland or why Ostrich can survive without water for days. We are riding on children’s love and interest on animals to develop their curiosity on how these animals can survive during the extreme dry season of savanna grassland. Beginning with the Nature Awareness session, we further integrate their new discoveries into games and challenges that will require the use of their cognitive and literacy skills.

We have been so fortunate to discover the wonderful video on Introduction to Biomes from Gregorio Educational Program. Our children, even the 2 year olds were in complete awe to see how beautiful our earth is. It fuelled us even more to increase our effort in protecting and caring for our earth before we pass it to our next generation.

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We have an exciting project that you can do with your child that we have prepared for our school activity and it is called "Savanna Animal Memory Card Game". Children can have fun completing the animal cards before playing the game and will learn the different name of the animals that live on the Savanna grassland while working out their fine motor controls. You can choose from the 3 options below based on your child's skill level :

<Click here > If your child has yet to start writing and prefer to play with stickers

<Click here > If your child prefers writing on dotted font letters

< Click here > If your child can write independently 

Have fun!

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