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Make Fun Caterpillar Costume

Posted by mariani.mohd on June 2, 2015 at 4:15 PM

Fun caterpillar race for your child's birthday party

We made this great costume for children to have fun reenacting the butterfly life-cycle as part of their play-based learning. It is also great for team race as it requires team syncronization of movements for it to be moving steadilly ahead. Listed below are the steps to make the caterpillar costume :

1- Buy the play tunnel from Ikea. I believe it cost around RM 50.

2- Cut-out 3 holes (one hole per segment)  on the top and bottom of the tunnel for children to fit into these holes. 

3- Cut 2 strips of thick felt fabric for each hole as slings for children to wear the costume and sew the strips to the body of the caterpillar. Cut black and red circles to be sewn as spots on to the body of the catepillar

4- Cut about 1 meter in diameter of red felt fabric circle for the caterpillar's face, sew 1" of hem and insert 3 meters of fabric string. Sew 2" of velcro strip pieces about 4 inches away from the hem. Cut black & white felt fabrics for the eyes, eye lashes and mouth and sew them in-placed.

5- Tie the caterpillar's face around a polystyrene beads pillow to form the shape of the caterpillar's head. It is important that the head is not heavy else children will have difficulty moving in the costume.

6- Sew 2" of velcro strip pieces on the inner side of the caterpillar's body to hold the head in-placed.

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