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The Great Savanna Animal Migration

Posted by mariani.mohd on July 3, 2015 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Another fun week with the Savanna biome. Children had fun role playing different type of animals, re-enacting the great Savanna animal migration. During our Nature movie time on the animal migration, it was so moving to see how sympathetic the children were towards the animals that have to go through all the suffering to migrate for food and water. Their caring heart immediately reminded them of what they can do to not waste and be grateful for what they have.

Nothing can beat the thrill  playing with our giant  size puzzle. Our creative design team came out with 84 pieces of A4 size puzzle cards to be assembled on our vertical boards. We assembled some of the background puzzle pieces prior to the activity and had the children to assemble the puzzle pieces of the animals during the migration adventure.

We have prepared the above Savanna Animal Crossword for our Starfish group children activity and now your child can also have fun with the crossword too.

<Click here>  to download

Revised Pages for Savanna Animal Memory Cards

Posted by mariani.mohd on June 30, 2015 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Our design team just prepared and uploaded the revised copy of the Savanna Animal Memory Card. We would like to apologize for the spelling mistake on this cute little fella here :

The Meerkat spelling has been rectified and you can use the same link ( from June 26th blog post entry) to download the revised pdf files. 

The Wonders of Earth : Savanna Grassland Biome

Posted by mariani.mohd on June 26, 2015 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It is important that our daily activity creates opportunity for children to learn as an outcome from their curiosity or interest to know more. We have to tread carefully to develop children’s skills while protecting their enthusiasm to learn. The school daily activities, games and special projects are carefully designed to invoke their curiosity and interest to apply and practice their skills.

This week, we introduced Savanna, one of Grassland Biome to the children. Our objective is mainly to give them the awareness of the diversity that exists on earth and the many different homes that we share our earth with. The five major biomes that we will be covering include tundra, forest, grassland, desert and aquatic.

They learned why elephants in Savanna grassland have bigger ears than the Forest elephants or why giraffe is mostly found in Savanna grassland or why Ostrich can survive without water for days. We are riding on children’s love and interest on animals to develop their curiosity on how these animals can survive during the extreme dry season of savanna grassland. Beginning with the Nature Awareness session, we further integrate their new discoveries into games and challenges that will require the use of their cognitive and literacy skills.

We have been so fortunate to discover the wonderful video on Introduction to Biomes from Gregorio Educational Program. Our children, even the 2 year olds were in complete awe to see how beautiful our earth is. It fuelled us even more to increase our effort in protecting and caring for our earth before we pass it to our next generation.

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We have an exciting project that you can do with your child that we have prepared for our school activity and it is called "Savanna Animal Memory Card Game". Children can have fun completing the animal cards before playing the game and will learn the different name of the animals that live on the Savanna grassland while working out their fine motor controls. You can choose from the 3 options below based on your child's skill level :

<Click here > If your child has yet to start writing and prefer to play with stickers

<Click here > If your child prefers writing on dotted font letters

< Click here > If your child can write independently 

Have fun!

Personalized Father's Day Card

Posted by mariani.mohd on June 19, 2015 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

A special Father's Day card for the superhero of the family

Have your child make this special Father's Day card using our free Superhero card template. Just download the template and print on both sides of A4 paper (Art Card is preferred). Have your child hand paint or brush paint or draw his version of superhero on the front of the card and to wite the special superhero messages at the back of the card.

We have prepared these templates for our school project and you can choose the template based on your child's writing skill. If your child is still learning to write, then card A provides the dotted letters for him/her to trace else you can download Card B.

Below are the two samples of the card.

The file size of the card is large so it will take a few minutes for the card to be downloaded successfully. Have fun!

<Click here>  to download card A

<Click here>  to download card B

Make Fun Caterpillar Costume

Posted by mariani.mohd on June 2, 2015 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Fun caterpillar race for your child's birthday party

We made this great costume for children to have fun reenacting the butterfly life-cycle as part of their play-based learning. It is also great for team race as it requires team syncronization of movements for it to be moving steadilly ahead. Listed below are the steps to make the caterpillar costume :

1- Buy the play tunnel from Ikea. I believe it cost around RM 50.

2- Cut-out 3 holes (one hole per segment)  on the top and bottom of the tunnel for children to fit into these holes. 

3- Cut 2 strips of thick felt fabric for each hole as slings for children to wear the costume and sew the strips to the body of the caterpillar. Cut black and red circles to be sewn as spots on to the body of the catepillar

4- Cut about 1 meter in diameter of red felt fabric circle for the caterpillar's face, sew 1" of hem and insert 3 meters of fabric string. Sew 2" of velcro strip pieces about 4 inches away from the hem. Cut black & white felt fabrics for the eyes, eye lashes and mouth and sew them in-placed.

5- Tie the caterpillar's face around a polystyrene beads pillow to form the shape of the caterpillar's head. It is important that the head is not heavy else children will have difficulty moving in the costume.

6- Sew 2" of velcro strip pieces on the inner side of the caterpillar's body to hold the head in-placed.