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Angelfish Program Activities

At Naturekids, we have designed 12 different activities that children can enjoy their learning experience from.  These activities are as listed below and described in the above slides:
Available for both Angelfish Junior and Senior children
Available only for Angelfish Senior children 

Why 12 different activities?

Our Angelfish program focus on providing children with as many different growth opportunities for children's physical development, cognitive development, language development and social and emotional development. With our unstructured outdoor and indoor classroom settings, we are providing children with an unlimited possibilities of discoveries, exploration, social interaction and just having fun practicing what they have learnt. 

Activities are designed with routines or practice to support our lesson delivery. We can have phonics lesson during Lesson time and have children to practice phonemes during Music & Movement time or we can introduce new vocabulary during sensory play time and children get to practice using the new vocabulary that they learnt during Drama Play time. Each of the activity is designed with primary and supportive objectives so as to maximize children's development opportunities during this critical early childhood years. 

These activities are designed not to stress the children but to give them the many different experiences of learning the same subject and allowing them to discover the best way that they can enjoy learning.

Angelfish Class Schedules for Term 1-2016

Angelfish Junior : for children between 18 months to 24 months

Angelfish Senior : for children between 2 years to 4 years old