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Starfish Program

The program is designed for children who has gained their independence and ready for tasks that requires attention span and focus of more than 15 minutes.

Children will have the opportunity to further develop their 4 development areas of physical, social & emotional, language and cognitive skills while having fun being children with our sensory and brain stimulating activities. Our priority is to provide as many learning opportunities through our carefully designed activities, having them to apply what they learnt and practice their skills while enjoying their learning experience.

These skills, experiences and learning opportunities are presented to the children

through meaningful play contexts and adult led activities which ensure that each

child has the opportunity to play and explore in an active and engaging environment that allows them to be creative, think critically and take risks to achieve more.

As children develop their self-confidence and independence, we begin to observe the following characteristics of effective learning in our Starfish children :

1- Playing and exploring - engagement;  finding out, exploring and being willing to "have a go"

2- Active learning - motivation ; being involved and concentrating, keep on trying, enjoy achieving what they are set out to do

3- Creating and thinking critically - thinking; having their own ideas, making links and connections, choosing ways to do things

Beginning the  second year of the Starfish program, the children will receive extended lesson time till 2pm from Monday to Thursday for the additional practice to prepare them for the Elementary school. 

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