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Critical brain development during early childhood

The fundamental driver to our school program

The development of the brain cells is human physiology, but development of many of the synapses is influenced by experiences. The brain cells form the framework, but the connections made in childhood determine what happens to that framework  As care givers and educators to your children, we are driven to work alongside with parents to provide children with optimum brain stimulating opportunities and positive experiences for optimal brain development during these early formative years. Find out more about how your children can benefit from our program from the links below :

Memories of 2018

Developing children's creativity at Naturekids

Art enable children to use their whole bodies for learning and create endless opportunities for imagining and creating. Art encourages children to think outside of the box and reach out to their creativity. By exposing children with various art techniques, mediums and tools, our children are equipped with skills to take their creativity to the next level. Every year, the children keep on surprising us with their amazing art work and for 2018 it was the Beautiful Earth Mural project. 


Visit our enabled environment for children's play and discovery

Our school is located at No.1, Jalan Beluntas, Medan Damansara with accesss to Sprint highway. You will instantly notice two beautiful bucida trees in the compound, providing shades for the children to enjoy all day outdoor activities. Children will have a balance of outdoor and indoor time using our school facilities. 

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